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Ammonium Suplhate Steel Grade

   CAS No:   7783-20-2
 HS Code:  3102210000
 EINECS No:  231-984-1
 Formula:    (NH4)2.SO4

Ammonium Suplhate Steel Grade Specifications



   Test result

                  Nitrogen %



    Sulfur % 



      Moisture % 



 Free acidity (H2SO4) %




white crystal powder 


25KG、50KG、1000KG、Container bag and OEM color bag.



white crystal powder . Easily soluble in water. Aqueous solution appears acid. Insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia. Easily deliquescent and volatilized in the air. Slight odor of ammonia.


Used for chemical fertilizers and for production of complex fertilizers,potassium sulphate,ammonium chloride and ammonium persulpate,ect. Also can be used for food processing,textile industry,medical industry and leather processing.


Store the goods in dry, ventilated warehouse . Prohibited sun and rain and protect the package when transiting.