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Analysis of August Mono Ammonium PhosphateMAP Market
Time2017-09-19 Hit1474

One, the price action

Mono Ammonium Phosphate(MAP) prices fell in early this month, starting from the end of discussion up. Monitoring data show, beginning of August mono ammonium phosphate powder market price 2012.5 (RMB)/ton, the month of 1993.75 (RMB)/t, down by 0.93%.

Second, the analysis are reviewed

Early this month mono ammonium phosphate market continued to slump in the early trading, prices declined by 1.24% August 22 mono ammonium prices begin to stabilise, and there are clear signs of rebounding. August 22-30th, an ammonium agent prices rose slightly higher, gains in 0.31%, the first increase since April this year. Early ammonia prices fell mainly because the AP market downturn, factory shipments difficult starting from the end, a rise and analysis of ammonium: reason, August ammonia prices rise sharply, sulfur prices between August 5 and rose as high as 6.73% and phosphate prices began to stabilize in late August, a rising cost of ammonium. Reason two, phosphate fertilizer production and demand is peaking, increasing demand for ammonium; ammonium three reasons, the international price stability. FOB monoammonium international in late August: $ 445-470 in the Baltic Sea, Morocco $ 480-490, prices held steady. CIF: Argentina US $ 469-475, low-end-1 US $ Brazil $ 480-485, held steady.

Third, prospect forecast

Mono Ammonium within short time requirements and costs double support, therefore, Mono Ammonium Phosphate(MAP)analysts believe ammonium raised its prices slightly later.

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