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Industry dynamics

Water-soluble fertilizer with national standards
Time2017-09-19 Hit1251

Full soluble fertilizerwater soluble fertilizer macronutrients what criteria? German International Group professionals, the new land, said water-soluble fertilizer (Water Soluble Fertilizer, referred WSF), is a fully water-soluble multi-compound fertilizer, it can rapidly dissolved in water, is more easily absorbed by crops, but their absorption and utilization is relatively high, more critical is that it can be applied to drip irrigation and other agricultural facilities, water and fertilizer to achieve integration, to achieve the effectiveness of the provinces water and fertilizer saving labor . In general, water-soluble fertilizer can contain all the nutrients needed for crop growth, such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S and trace elements. For water-soluble fertilizer standards with new changes, details below.

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First, a large number of water-soluble fertilizer elements new standard changes

1. The new standard increased product types: a large number of elements from the original is only one water-soluble fertilizer (trace element type), was changed to a large number of water-soluble fertilizer elements (trace element type) and a large number of elements of water-soluble fertilizer (in the amount of the element type); while increasing the product should contain at least two major elements of the claim.

2. The new standard modifies the single macronutrient minimum content requirement of not less than 4.0% or 40g / L; a lot of elements of water-soluble fertilizer (trace element type) of trace elements (of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum) content Index increased from not less than 0.5%, or 5.0 g / L revised to 0.2% -3.0%, or 2g / L-30 g / L.

3. The new standard increased the molybdenum content is less than 0.5%, or 5 g / L requirements.

4. Increase the amount of water-soluble fertilizer in a large number of standard elements (ie calcium, magnesium) element content index: Requires 1.0% or 10 g / L.

5. The pH value of the new standards revised to 3.0-9.0 3.0-7.0.

6. The new revised standard single large number of elements measured value and indicated value of negative deviation requirements: a single large number of elements measured value and indicated value should be less than the absolute value of the negative deviation of 1.5% or 15g /