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Industry dynamics

What is Organic Compound fertilizer ?
Time:2017-09-19 Hit:1160

  Organic - inorganic compound containing both an organic fertilizer and fertilizer containing appropriate. It is manure, peat and other organic materials, through microbial fermentation harmless and effective treatment, and add the appropriate amount of fertilizer, humic acid, amino acid or beneficial microbial, after granulation or direct blending prepared commodity fertilizer ???

  Organic fertilizer is widely used, it can be widely used in field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, tea and other crops and cash crops.

  1, rich in organic matter, organic and inorganic fertilizer organic part of organic fertilizer, animal and plant residues is based, and after fermentation and decomposition of organic matter, which can effectively provide organic nutrients to plants. Its crop is equivalent to manure, but manure composting is generally not fermented, contains large amounts of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, etc., causing burn seedlings phenomenon.

  2, to improve the absorption efficiency of NPK NPK content balanced, and contains a lot of nitrogen-fixing bacteria can play, Phosphate, Potassium role in promoting the absorption of NPK, NPKabsorption rate increase. NPK fertilizer compared to only absorption rate can be increased by about 30-50%.

  3, rich in organic and inorganic fertilizer biological agents are also mixed with biological agents, all kinds of bacteria can play an effective nitrogen fixation, Phosphate, Potassium effect, beneficial bacteria metabolite also has high nutritional value nutrients.

  4, fertilizer, multi-enzymes, peptides multi-element blends Xin Ju Yuan bridge agrochemical Sarah also add other beneficial elements such as fertilizer, multi-enzymes, peptides, etc., to make it more comprehensive nutrition, nutrient truly no short board.